Here’s what Steve Kerr had to say about Stephen Curry and the Coronavirus

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry missed 57 games with a broken left hand. Just as soon as he returned though, Curry was back on the bench to an illness.

Curry reportedly contracted the flu from one of his kids, but Warriors head coach Steve Kerr feared the worst.

Kerr said the Warriors were concerned Curry had contracted the coronavirus (via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area).

“We all were very concerned that maybe he had the coronavirus. And that’s why our team doctors were very, very much on the case,” the Warriors coach said.

“I felt guilty because he had played in the Toronto game. And then the next day we went to open for that march. Some meetings, and I … So when he was sick the next day I thought, “Oh, man.” You know, I needed to send Steph home. He hadn’t been sick the day before, but it was a big day, with him coming back and expending all that energy and emotion in the game. And I felt … When he came down, I felt somewhat responsible because I invited him to take part in the Oakland festivities, but he assured me that it had nothing to do with that.”

Fortunately, Stephen Curry has since returned to health. However, he still awaits another return to the floor with the Warriors after the league suspended play upon the discovery of Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert’s positive test.

The NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver announced the league would shut down for at least 30 days this past Thursday, subsequently instituting a moratorium period that will also halt any and all front office activity until the resumption of play. That is, if they are able to resume play at all.