2 Coronavirus Infected Tourists Found Dead in RIU Hotel Jamaica

The deaths of two tourists have sent a coronavirus scare across MoBay. 

Kimberley McCarty, 29, of Massachusetts, USA, was found dead in her room on Wednesday at the popular Riu Resort, while a 75-year-old British man collapsed at the cruise ship terminal at Freeport two Wednesdays ago. 

Reports are that McCarty arrived in the island on Delta Airlines last Friday. Members of the house keeping department noticed that she had not been seen since she checked in. Despite the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her door, they got suspicious. 

A report was made to the hotel administration, and when checks were made, her lifeless body was discovered. 

The police were summoned, the scene was processed, and the body removed to the morgue for a post-mortem. 

One employee told THE WEEKEND STAR that staff have been on edge since the discovery. Her death has been labelled “undetermined” by investigators.

“Everybody a the hotel a seh it look like the guest dead from corona, but up to now nobody don’t come an tell wi what really happen,” the employee said. “The entire staff a the hotel get fraid, nobody not even want fi walk pass the room.”

The British national reportedly collapsed about 6:10 a.m. He was immediately attended to by a medical team. He was then rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

While some persons believe that he died from cardiac arrest, the police have not officially mentioned a cause of death. 

But pier employees believe that he could have been another victim of the coronavirus, as he fit the vulnerable age group, and was travelling from the UK.

“From wi hear bout the death, everybody a the pier deh pon dem alert. Is like everybody a sanitise fi everything. If is even a fly pitch pon wi, wi affe sanitise,” the guard said.