BREAKING: Woman Murdered Day After Fake Wedding, Husband’s Family Kidnaps 2-Y-O Kids

According to a post on Instagram. “Hi its Shushana Clarke. My sister Jelisa lee was murdered this morning on the way to Montego bay with Kadeem Miller.”

She married him yesterday and they were heading to Montego bay for a wedding. The neccasary documents was not there so the marriage is fake.

Kadeem family has kidnapped 2 yr old Jayla Callam and 5 year ols Ricardo Callam.


They are not providing us info and the Jamaican police is not taking it serious.
She was pronounced dead at Falmoth hospital.Please plesee report it to local news and anyone that can help.

This is Kadeem “Shawn” Miller, his Father, Father Girlfriend, His Sister, Niece, Nephew. Tag the news

We received information that Kadeem brought her into the Falmoth Jamaican hospital in his hands. And he was posing as her husband.

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