BREAKING: Another Jamaican Female Almost Abducted After Bailing From Moving Taxi

A woman was treated at hospital after jumping from a moving car in which she claims she was abducted by a man posing as a taxi driver in St. Thomas on Wednesday.

According to a police report, at about 2:15 p.m., the woman was standing at a bus stop in Poorman’s Corner when the car drove up.

The driver told her he was going to Kingston.

The woman hesitated, but after seeing a man and another woman aboard she entered the car.

Shortly after crossing the Yallahs bridge, the other female passenger requested a stop.

The vehicle then continued towards Albion.

On reaching a section of the main road, the driver said he was going to pick up a passenger and turned onto a dirt road.

The woman reported that she requested to be let out, but the driver increased his speed.

She managed to open the door and jumped from the moving vehicle.

The woman reported that the driver chased her on foot but she was able to escape.

A motorist came to her assistance and took her to the Yallahs police station where the matter was reported.

Two weeks ago, a 17 year old student of Yallahs High School was abducted near the gate of the institution.

She was taken to Albion where she jumped from the vehicle after a struggle developed.

She was stabbed during the incident.

The St. Thomas police have confirmed that several abductions have been reported to them in recent weeks.

Two cars have been featured in the reports.

One white, the other a blue Honda Civic.

Marlene Wilson Christie, Superintendent in charge of the St. Thomas Police, has advised residents to avoid taking illegal taxis.

Superintendent Wilson Christie said residents should also avoid being taken off main roads, especially in Albion where the attacks have occurred.

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