Don’t want my son get nuh jacket – Grandmother begs for help to do DNA test

Two men are fighting over paternity of a baby, and Adassa Kelly, the mother of one of them, has had enough of the guessing game.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that her son’s girlfriend got pregnant about two years ago and they were looking forward to bringing up the child in a peaceful household.

However, the mother of the child registered the baby girl in another man’s name and now Kelly and her family are seeking financial help to do a DNA to clarify the situation.

She said that they found out that the woman was sleeping with another man, and, as such, she is not sure who the father is.

“She tell my son and the other man seh she pregnant for them and when she go have baby, she call the other man to sign the birth certificate,” she said.

Kimone, the baby’s mother, admitted that she was involved with both men simultaneously, and was unsure of who the father was.

“At the time, mi did a spite one with the other; but the baby done born already and favour who she fi favour,” she said.
She said that the Family Court has told them that $27,000 is required to do the DNA test. But both women said that they cannot raise this amount.

Kelly said persons in the community believe the child looks like her son, but she wants to make sure.

“Mi have the baby from she a one month and I want the name change. Mi did have a money in the Christmas period to do the DNA, but she did need something and I had to buy it for her,” she said.

Kelly said she has grown attached to the baby, and, even though she has three other grandchildren, this would be her first granddaughter.

“I just grow to love her so much. She walk like me and she remind me so much of myself. Mi want to send her to school but if a my son child I want her to have his name and no one else’s. Even if a nuh my son child, I still want to send her to school,” she said.

Anyone who is willing to help Kelly to get the procedure done, can call 876-821-0673.

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