LOOK: Stephen Curry’s career shot chart is insanely beautiful 😍

A light-color graph by ESPN Kirk Goldsberry showcased Stephen Curry’s 2,296 3-pointers over the 10-year span of his career, showing just how many were taken from the right at the hashmark to deeper into the half court.

Lights indicate (as does the eye test) that Stephen Curry takes most of his attempts from way farther out than most shooters, often venturing into deep 28-plus-footers, along with the occasional 30-plus-foot bomb to leave the crowd in awe.

That sample can be seen as recently as Tuesday night’s win over the Denver Nuggets, with Curry first taking a 30-footer over Will Barton from deep outside the left wing, only to do the same with a taller defender in the 6-foot-11 Mason Plumlee with a 31-foot splash to give him 31 points on the night:


What’s perhaps most surprising is that he is hitting these at a career-high 45.6 percent — having reached the 45 percent mark three times before in his 10-year tenure in the league.

Stephen Curry is well underway to break 300 triples in a season for the third time, already at 175 over the span of 33 games, with 38 more games left in the regular season.

If the rainbow from his jumper wasn’t pretty enough to marvel at, maybe the graphic of his career accomplishments as the deadliest marksman ever will do the man justice.

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