Here’s the insane amount of money Stephen Curry’s ‘Moon Landing’ shoe was sold for

A new report has revealed that the “Moon Landing” signature sneakers have sold on eBay for a cool $58,100

The custom shoes were made by Under Armour, and were part of the Curry 6 line. Curry had worn the shoes in a game before he’d signed them and auctioned them off.

But the money didn’t go into Curry’s pocket — rather, the impressive total went to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs for Bay Area schools. The fundraiser began on Jan. 4.

The sneakers, which Curry wore in a game against the Rockets at Oracle Arena, featured a moon rock print with a NASA logo and “United States” on the toe tips, while stars and stripes adorn the shoes’ tongue tabs.

Stephen Curry first got a lot of attention about moon-related things because he’d appeared on a podcast and joked that the original moon landing was a “fake.” While many fans got up in arms about the comment, he clarified, again, that he was “joking.”

Later on, Curry interviewed retired astronaut Scott Kelly on his Instagram Live to further make clear that he thought the moon landing was real (and to promote the upcoming auction), and he will tour Houston’s Johnson Space Center when the Warriors play against the Houston Rockets in March:

The “Moon Landing” fundraiser was done in conjunction with and the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family Foundation. The auction lasted for a week on eBay, and it ended yesterday.

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