Stephen Curry sends warning to Raptors and makes bold vow about NBA Finals

Despite falling to the Toronto Raptors by 20 points on their home court Wednesday night, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry won’t give the NBA leaders any kudos for sweeping the regular-season series against his team.

The Raptors survived a 51-point onslaught by Kevin Durant in late November, staying alive after his tantalizing performance forced overtime at the Air Canada Centre, as Durant tried to make the most of his talents without Curry in the lineup. Yet the Raptors put on a show at Oracle Arena, dismantling a nearly full-strength Warriors lineup and cruising to a 113-93 win.

“We’ll remember what it’s like playing against them, but it’s 0-0 from here,” Curry told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “The sweep doesn’t mean nothing in terms of when the lights are the brightest on the biggest stage in the playoffs. Everything’s different. We’ll remember how tonight was. It’s a tough vibe, but they don’t get any extra points if we were to face them in the Finals.”

Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson hinted at a potential NBA Finals preview before the teams met for the first time this season, a narrative that took over very quickly and has now swarmed this Warriors team after losing twice to the East’s best team.

“Tonight didn’t work out, but we’re better at full strength no matter who’s out,” Curry said after a 10-point performance, shooting a disappointing 3-of-12 from the field and 2-of-8 from beyond the arc. “… But narratives are interesting depending on how you look at it. Obviously, we’re better when I’m out there. When other guys are in and out of the lineup, things change. It’s a part of the culture around our team sometimes. People want to pick and choose what to say or write about us when we’re not playing well to figure out what’s going wrong.”

Wednesday featured a nightmare shooting night for this Warriors roster, one that was likely overdue after lighting up opponents’ nets for the prior four games. But such luck can also turn out in a playoff scenario, one that these teams will have to wait five months to see if it indeed repeats itself when it matters most.

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