NASA’s captain really wants to speak to Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors All-Star point guard Stephen Curry has been invited to tour the Johnson Space Center in Houston, receiving a cordial invitation from NASA after his comments doubting the presence of a man on the moon.

Known retired American astronaut and retired U.S. Navy Captain Scott Kelly was the first to reach out to the two-time NBA MVP, urging a sincere talk through Twitter’s DMs.

Then came an official invite from NASA, which the skeptical superstar has yet to accept.


“There’s lots of evidence NASA landed 12 American astronauts on the Moon from 1969-1972,” NASA spokesperson Allard Beutel said, per TMZ Sports. “We’d love for Mr. Curry to tour the lunar lab at our Johnson Space Center in Houston, perhaps the next time the Warriors are in town to play the Rockets.”

“We have hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks stored there and the Apollo mission control. During his visit, he can see first-hand what we did 50 years ago, as well as what we’re doing now to go back to the Moon in the coming years, but this time to stay.”

For those who don’t know the backstory, Curry originally questioned the moon landing as a guest in Atlanta Hawks forward Vince Carter and former teammate Kent Bazemore’s Winging It podcast.

“Curry: ‘We ever been to the moon?’

“Multiple responders: ‘Nope.’

“Curry: ‘They’re gonna come get us. I don’t think so, either.’”

This was seen as the Warriors’ Kyrie-esque version of flat-Earthing, which got social media in a frenzy as soon as his comments went viral.

Curry will have his first chance to debunk his theory on March 13, when the Warriors visit the Houston Rockets for the second and last time this season.

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