LOOK: Curry’s reaction to NASA’s message after he questioned the Moon landing

Stephen Curry surprised everyone recently when he expressed his doubt on the moon landing. NASA responded by inviting Curry to one of their lunar labs to take a tour.

NASA is intent on convincing Curry that the moon landings were real.

Curry has now responded:


There are two possibilities in play here. The first possibility is by far the most likely. There’s an excellent chance that Curry earnestly believes that the moon landing was faked. It’s a conspiracy that’s found traction for decades, so it isn’t crazy to think that Curry would buy into it.

But the second possibility is that Curry is playing checkers while we’re all playing chess. Maybe he’s a fanatic of space travel and was just trying to scam NASA out of a free tour. He knew the quote would make headlines and anticipated NASA doing everything they could to prove him wrong.

But then again, he’s Stephen Curry, so if he wanted a tour of NASA’s lunar labs, he probably could have just called them up and said, “Hey, I’m Stephen Curry.”

This leads us to believe that Curry does, in fact, believe the moon landing to be a hoax. This isn’t quite as bad as Kyrie Irving believing the Earth is flat, but it’s pretty close. They are two of the best point guards in the game, but both have one glaring weakness: Conspiracy videos on YouTube made by some guy in his basement.

Perhaps NASA can make a better argument that convinces Curry the moon landing actually happened.

Curry added more:

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