Kevin Durant reveals his true feelings about Draymond Green incident

Kevin Durant wants to move forward from the verbal altercation he got into with Draymond Green.

When asked about the vibe around the Warriors following their 112-109 loss to the Mavericks in Dallas on Saturday night, Durant had a brief response.

“Just trying to move forward,” Durant said. “We gonna talk about this the whole year? We just wanna play ball. I know I do.”


The argument between Durant and Green began on the court during the Warriors loss to the Clippers on Monday night after Green failed to pass the ball to Durant in the closing seconds of the game, and reportedly continued in the locker room after the game. Green was ultimately assessed a one-game suspension by the Warriors for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

Green has also said that he wants to move forward.

“Kevin and I spoke. We’re moving forward,” Green said, via ESPN. “I think there’s no secret that I am an emotional player. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I play with that same emotion. Sometimes it gets the best of me and it doesn’t work to my favor.

“I am going to live with that. Because it works in my favor to the good, as my résumé speaks, and this team’s résumé speaks, more so than it doesn’t. So I am never going to change who I am. I am going to approach the game the same way that I always do. And like I said, we will continue to move forward.”

The Warriors clearly claim to be ready to move forward, but only time will tell how big of an impact the argument has on the team.

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