Kevin Durant reacts to Draymond Green incident for the 1st time

The Golden State Warriors took care of business Tuesday night against the Atlanta Hawks, mounting a second-half surge and never looking back. The final score was 110-103 in a game that saw Draymond Green’s absence due to a suspension stemming from his Monday night squabble with Kevin Durant.

Durant had yet another huge performance, coming up with 29 points, six rebounds, three assists, two steals, and a block. He played well enough to earn an appearance at the podium where a swarm of media men and women waited to get his comments, not on the game but the incident with Green.

Apparently, Kevin Durant wasn’t going to be bothered by the drama surrounding him and his teammate.

This Warriors team has gone through a lot and those have resulted in back-to-back NBA titles. As they say, winning cures everything. However, it’s a miracle drug that is yet to be utilized in this instance.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have had similar confrontations in the past. The two stars, along with their teammates, have chalked these flare-ups to the competitive spirit they possess.

It’s true that the two All-Stars and Olympic teammates are volatile personalities who have amazingly maintained great chemistry between them. Curiously, though, Draymond Green’s subsequent suspension makes one ponder on the real gravity of their most recent beef.

The Warriors will face off against last season’s Western Conference Finals opponents in the Houston Rockets, another team that’s been plagued by some drama of their own. All eyes will be on Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, although it’s safe to assume that the rife should be all gone by Thursday night’s contest.

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