Stephen Curry reacts to Klay Thompson breaking his old NBA record VS. Bulls

After the game against the Chicago Bulls where Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson hit an NBA record 14 three-pointers, superstar Stephen Curry reacted to his teammate’s performance on Instagram.

It is pretty amazing all of these talented guys on the Warriors can set their egos aside and play for one another when they have one goal in mind: To win a championship.

Especially when they added Kevin Durant a couple of summers ago, it is pretty amazing to see the team’s dynamics. You may never again see a team like this who just set their egos aside.

It just shows the type of culture the Warriors foster, from the owners to the front office, to the coaches and players. It takes years to establish a culture like this and it is clearly working and not breaking any time soon.

This also shows how great of a teammate Curry is and his unselfishness. He could easily score in bunches every night if he really wanted. But instead, he wants his teammates to shine and improve their overall game as well.

This is a special thing the Warriors have going on right now. Curry, the whole Warriors franchise, and their fans better hope that this ride does not end next summer when Thompson and Durant are free agents. It will be tough to pay and keep them both, as they are deserving of a max contract and will most likely demand such next summer.

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