John Wall reveals why it’s impossible to stop Stephen Curry

Following a 144-122 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards point man John Wall explained what made Stephen Curry so unstoppable during a 51-point, three-quarter explosion and what keeps teams from being able to stop the onslaught coming their way on these kinds of nights.

“He just made some tough shots, but it was a little bit of us not communicating on switches, but some of them are just like when he’s hot, he’s hot,” said Wall. “Then they’re getting offensive rebounds and he does a great job of moving and relocating and getting open shots. He just got into a rhythm and made tough shots.”

“It’s just a team altogether,” Wall continued. “Cause you really can’t zone into one guy, they have KD and Klay out there and Draymond does a great job of moving without the ball and setting screens.

“Everybody is trying to imitate what they do, but they don’t have the personnel to do it. That’s what makes them so tough, that’s what makes those guys the defending two-time champs. When he gets going, they find him in transition, they set good screens and at the same time he knows how to finish at the rim, so you can’t just tell him to drive because he does a great job there.”

Wall had a difficult time containing Curry, but so did the rest of his teammates, as Bradley Beal, Tomas Satoransky and Austin Rivers couldn’t find an answer to stop the floodgates.

Curry went off for two separate 20-plus-point quarters in the first and third periods, unleashing a season-high 11 treys before getting rested for the entirety of the fourth quarter. His support unit wasn’t bad at all, as Kevin Durant (30) and Klay Thompson (19) combined with him to put up a whopping 100 points between them.

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