Draymond Green sends a stern message to the entire Warriors team

The Golden State Warriors found themselves with a chance to win in the final seconds against the Denver Nuggets despite not playing their best basketball.

However, the Warriors ended up coming up short and Draymond Green pointed out one of the reasons why following Sunday’s game. Forward Draymond Green pointed out that officials did mess up some foul calls, but also admitted that the Warriors committed “dumb” personal fouls of their own.

Green did say that the officials are obviously human and that it’s an inexact science in terms of calling fouls. On the other hand, the former Michigan State Spartan admitted that the Warriors can’t commit pointless especially if they’re in the bonus and have a chance to capitalize on that.


As a team, Golden State committed 29 personal fouls throughout Sunday’s 100-98 loss. On the contrary, the Nuggets only committed 22 fouls of their own and played smarter basketball at times. Green himself had five personal fouls in the game as did center Damian Jones and Alonzo McKinnie was the only player that saw time on the floor that didn’t commit at least one personal foul.

The Warriors certainly may have come away with the win if a few of those fouls weren’t committed. The Nuggets did end up scoring 24 of their points at the charity stripe and that’s obviously something that Golden State is going to want to clean up.

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