Watch: Curry & Durant combine for 22 first quarter points

The Golden State Warriors are just too damn good.

They didn’t even look like they were really trying or putting forth their best effort and they still managed to outscore the Oklahoma City Thunder 31-23 during the first quarter.

And guess what? The reason was none other than the top two scorers in the league, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, combining for 22 points to lead the defending champs to an easy lead after the opening quarter:


Obviously, the Thunder are short-handed without Russell Westbrook and Andre Roberson, but still, this is a playoff team from last year who have reloaded with some solid talent in Nerlens Noel and Dennis Schroder.

Speaking of Westbrook, despite the fact that he’s sitting out for the game due to a knee injury, Durant still took the time to talk some trash to his former teammate while staring him down. The fact that Durant had to focus his attention immediately on Westbrook when he’s not even involved in the game is something worth paying attention to.

There is no timetable regarding the 2016-17 NBA MVP’s return as he continues to recover from knee surgery. It’s worth noting that he’s gone through four knee surgeries since 2013 and was ruled out of the game as early as yesterday.

These two teams don’t meet again until November 21 at Oracle Arena, but you can guarantee that Westbrook will have that date circled on his calendar. He won’t forget about this one.

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