Warriors baffled by the Kevin Durant situation

No one expected Kevin Durant to sign with the Golden State Warriors in 2016. But now it appears that no one expects him to re-sign with Golden State in 2019. But Warriors ownership isn’t worrying too much about Durant’s impending free agency yet. After all, Durant has played the last two seasons on one-year deals.

“It’s not even on my mind,” Lacob told Mark Medina of Bay Area News Group. “There’s no more uncertainty this year than there was last. He’s been on a one-year deal each year. So I don’t really understand what all the hullabaloo is about.”

Similar to his current contract, Durant’s previous deals weren’t normal one-year deals, but they always included player options for Durant. The difference this year is that the entire narrative is shifting. People believe this will be the final year for Durant in the Bay Area.

The Warriors need to make some tough decisions in the next few years. Klay Thompson is a free agent in 2019 and Draymond Green is a free agent in 2020. It would make sense for the Warriors to stick with their original core that started the dynasty while Durant goes off to build upon his legacy elsewhere.

Durant will never get the credit he deserves for the championships with Golden State, but if he has similar success with another team, it could help cement his legacy. Durant could be the best player on the Warriors, but there’s no doubt that this is still Stephen Curry’s team.

There’s plenty of smoke regarding Durant leaving this summer. The Warriors will land on their feet, but there definitely is a bit of uncertainty regarding the future.

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