The Warriors should be worried after these shocking words from Klay Thompson’s trainer

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson’s training routine is changing, and it’s because of his impending free agency.

Thompson’s trainer, Jordan Lawley, told Matt Ellentuck of SB Nation about the specifics of his new approach.

“There’s the skill enhancement approach where we have to focus on different skill mechanics that he might not be great at, but will be necessary,” Lawley says. “Especially going into his free agent year, where there might be an opportunity to take a different role for a different organization.”

Lawley said that he spent the summer refining his client Thompson’s ball-handling and finishing at the rim. These kills will come in handy, as he may possibly take on a different role on a different team next season.

Since Kevin Durant arrived in The Bay Area back in 2017, Thompson has been the star that’s sacrificed the most.

He was the team’s second option prior to Durant’s arrival. At times, he was tasked with creating shots for himself. With Durant on-board, Thompson had to take a lesser role on offense. He’s been relegated to the third scoring option.

Despite the apparent demotion, his shot attempts did not really take a hit. He’s averaged 16.9 field goal attempts in the two seasons with Durant. In the two seasons before KD’s move, he averaged 17.1.

Nevertheless, Klay Thompson isn’t the name that comes to mind when you think of the Warriors. He’s taken a back seat to Durant and his fellow Splash Brother, Stephen Curry.

With his free agency looming around the corner, many are speculating whether the former Washington State standout will look elsewhere to have more featured role on his own team.Thompson has repeatedly said that he loves playing in Golden State. He also said that doesn’t really care what his role on the team was, as long as they keep winning.

But we will never really know what he truly thinks until next summer, despite his claims of happiness with his current situation in Golden State. What we do know right now is that his training regimen might say otherwise.

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