Kerr gives update on Cousins’ timetable for return from injury

In a recent appearance on the “TK Show” hosted by The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr talked at length about DeMarcus Cousins.

Here’s what Kerr had to say about Cousins:

Kerr still won’t give a timetable for Cousins’ return from his Achilles injury but he says the All-Star big man is progressing just fine:
“We didn’t really have any expectations in terms of, you know, a timetable. So I can’t say that he’s ahead of schedule. He’s definitely not behind schedule. The rehab has gone really well. The problem is with an Achilles, it’s a tricky injury to come back from because there’s a lot of motion and movement. It’s not as simple as a ligament healing in your knee or elbow or something. Your whole body depends on your Achilles for movement and balance and coordination.

“So his Achilles is healed. And now, it’s about all of that other stuff, all the movement. That’s where Rick Celebrini comes into play, our new director of performance here. Rick is great. DeMarcus is working closely with him. But he has taken part in the last two days in practice, all the non-contact stuff. It’s good to get him out there.”

Kerr has not yet installed any offensive plays and schemes involving Cousins:
“Not yet. We will. Right now, he’s just getting acclimated. He’s not going to play any time soon. He’s gotta work and get in shape and make sure his body is strong enough to handle the grind. The worst thing we can do is bring him back early and he’s nowhere close right now to that. Doesn’t mean he won’t be close a few weeks from now or a couple months. We don’t know exactly what the date is.

“It’s going to happen, but the frustrating thing for him is … I told him, “It’s gonna be a long grind. It’s nine months. So be patient.” And he said, “Well, it already has been a long grind at this point.” I think it was nine months ago, the injury. I feel for him. It’s a long, long process.”

When he returns, Kerr is excited to utilize Cousins’ excellent passing skills:
“Yeah, he’s a brilliant passer. You know we’ve always loved bigs who can pass. From Bogut to David Lee, David West, Zaza (Pachulia), Draymond. So we play through the post quite a bit, anyway. We haven’t had a guy as powerful, who could score down there. So we’re going to throw him the ball on the block some.

“But I think his most comfortable spot is out at the elbow, like you said. Our offense, really, we run our offense out there anyway. So I envision running a lot of things through him at the elbow where he can pass and step out and shoot a jumper as well.”

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