Stephen Curry makes a promise to Warriors fans

At Golden State’s Media Day on Monday, Stephen Curry was asked about a variety of topics like the last season at Oracle Arena, the promotion of assistant coach Bruce Fraser and the birth of his third child.

Here’s what Curry had to say about those topics:

Curry knows that the team’s last year in Oracle Arena is going to be special:
“This last year is going to be special. This is — how many years we’ve played at Oracle, the journey, from some pretty down years to some really entertaining basketball but didn’t win much, to now having won three out of the last four, all that happened in Oracle Arena. Our fan base has been tremendously supportive. They’ve given us a feared place to play in from an opponent standpoint in terms of the noise and the energy and the atmosphere. That’s something we really relied on. Honestly, for me, it’s my 10th year in the league, that’s been my only experience, and it’s something that I’ll remember for a very long time.

“I think this year is about obviously representing that to the highest honor, celebrating it, trying to go out in style with one more championship, and then obviously turning the page. But right now this year is going to be really, really memorable, and I think we have an extreme opportunity to create a dope story around the last year in Oakland.”

Curry can’t wait till his son attends an NBA game:
“Well, every parent knows, I guess, that every kid is a little bit different, have something unique about them, and for us it’s definitely special to welcome him to the family. He’s only three months old now, so still a lot of time to go. Definitely happy. He hasn’t gone to an NBA game yet, so we’ll check that off the box very soon.”

Curry is thrilled that Fraser was promoted to assistant coach:
“He’s a catalyst to who we are as a team and our identity. He does way more than just, quote-unquote, coach. He’s a people guy and understanding the ins and outs of what makes a cohesive unit with all the different personalities you have and whatnot, and he has such great awareness and feel and touch, his communication, his timeliness and whatnot that go way beyond X’s and O’s or what you see me do on the basket after practice and stuff like that. You need a guy like him that has great feel, he’s really genuine and authentic with everything that he does, and for me to have that daily interaction with him, that kind of keeps my perspective straight, as well, no matter what happens throughout the season.

“You know, it’s obviously great to have him, but for that to be recognized in terms of his position is huge.”

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