Kevin Durant ‘close’ to exit, Steph Curry fans upset

Kevin Durant’s future continues to be a hot topic amongst NBA fans after the small forward penned only a one-year extension with the Warriors.

However, San Jose Mercury News reporter Mark Medina believes the 29-year-old could have left this offseason had the Warriors lost to Toronto Raptors in the playoffs.

Medina also said it “very well might” be Durant’s final year with the NBA champions.

“The Warriors survived that series and got Demarcus Cousins but if I’m some of these All-Star players they should remember how close they escaped court-on-court death,” Medina told NBC sports podcast.

“They were down double digits in game seven where things could have turned completely the other way.

“The whole narrative and offseason could have changed significantly. Who knows, maybe Kevin Durant decides he doesn’t want to sign one-year deal.

“The owner has always said if they lose then it always increases the odds that [Durant] wants to go in the opposite direction.

“They came pretty close with it being a completely different thing. This very well might be Kevin Durant’s last year with the Warriors and even if they win the title in Kevin’s mind it might almost be like what LeBron James felt like with Miami.”

Steph Curry fans upset

Steph Curry fans were upset with the voters who picked Kevin Durant as the MVP in the 2018 NBA Finals.

“I know some Warriors fans have been upset with me ever since the Finals because I was one of the voters who said Kevin Durant deserves the MVP,” Mark Medina said.

“I stand by that, he played better than Steph in the Finals. But that vote specifically was for the Finals, I was not looking at everything else.

“That being said, as much as Kevin Durant may be their best player in the Finals, Steph Curry is more valuable player.”

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