Watch: Stephen Curry gets completely schooled by a kid

The few remaining weeks of the offseason have been tough for Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

After having trouble comprehending his wife’s straightforward message last week and then getting beat in a skills challenge at an Under Armour event, the two-time Most Valuable Player winner is now getting schooled by a kid half his size.

A video shared by The Render on Twitter features Curry playing some sloppy defense on a young boy. The kid turned out to have some mad handles and took full advantage of Curry’s lack of interest on D:


The kid just gave Curry a dose of his own medicine. It’s a shame he missed his layup attempt right after his epic nutmeg of the three-time NBA champion. Nonetheless, this is the stuff of legend. How many other kids out there can say that they once nutmegged Steph Curry? Surely, this is going to be part of this kid’s curriculum vitae.

The tweet’s caption is pretty hilarious, too. For those wondering — no, that is not Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas. Don’t get crazy; Thomas is at least two to three inches taller than this kid.

It appears that Curry is still on vacation mode. This is no cause for panic, of course, as training camp hasn’t even started yet. At the end of the day, the Dubs faithful know in their hearts that when the time comes, Curry will absolutely deliver.

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