LOOK: The gift Matt Barnes gave his sons involving Stephen Curry

Former Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes surprised his two boys with some fresh pairs to wind up the summer, giving them a couple pairs of Stephen Curry’s latest kicks.

By a glance at the video, these are the Under Armour SC 3Zero II, as they only come on that colorway for boys’ grade school and preschool.

Regardless, his former teammate Curry was likely encouraged by such thoughtful gift after being tagged in the video.


Matt Barnes and Stephen Curry had a strong relationship, even if they spent more time playing against each other than along one another before Barnes retired last season.

The Warriors did give him his only championship in 2017, allowing him to walk into the sunset with hardware in hand, now dedicating his full attention to his two boys with gifts like this one.

It goes without saying that Curry’s popularity has been at an all-time high with young kids during the past five years and it appears Barnes’ kids are no exception.

Nevertheless, as the sneaker wars range on between all the big shoe companies, any sort of free press like this has to be viewed as a relatively huge win. Nike has long dominated the sports clothing apparel business, but they do currently have solid competition.

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