LOOK: Kevin Durant gets into another internet war with a LeBron James fan

Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors gets into another argument with a LeBron James fan.

As posted by self-proclaimed “LeBron James insider,” Twitter user bjsowavy posted a series of screenshots of his conversation with Durant. Check out his tweets below to see how it went down.

bjaysowavy sent out the usual quips against Durant. How his decision to join the 73-win Warriors squad was considered the weakest move by any superstar of his caliber.


The James fan also believes that Durant is wasting his prime years with the Warriors. Given his talents, the fan feels that Durant should be leading his own team to a championship.

Durant, for his part, believes otherwise and said:

“My Pride doesn’t get in the way of my development.”

Though many believe that Durant took the easy route by joining the Warriors, he said:

“Nothing this good is ever easy.”

bjaysowavy is just among the many fans that Durant has engaged with over the offseason. Just like him, the critics continue to point out Durant’s decision to join the Warriors and how it ruined the balance in the NBA. But everytime a fan disses him, Kevin Durant proves that he’s comfortable with his decision.

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