Warriors’ Andre Iguodala reveals how Luke Walton is trying to recruit Klay Thompson

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton and Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson have been doing some bonding during a trip to Qatar. A video surfaced of the two hanging out over the weekend, and Thompson posted an Instagram photo featuring himself, Walton, Carmelo Anthony and Tracy McGrady. Thompson’s Warriors teammate, Andre Iguodala, took notice of these interactions.

Thompson is currently set to be a free agent next summer, and the Lakers are seeking another star to pair with LeBron James. While Kawhi Leonard may be the No. 1 choice, Thompson wouldn’t be a bad backup plan. Thompson has familiarity with Walton from the coach’s time with the Warriors, so that’s a plus for Los Angeles.

Of course, Thompson is living the life with Golden State. While he’s an All-Star and an extremely important piece, he doesn’t have nearly the pressure of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Thompson seems perfectly content taking a complementary role that helps lead to great team success, and both he and his father have noted a desire to retire with the Warriors.

However, there may be a point in the near future where Golden State faces a potential breakup due to massive payroll responsibilities. If the Warriors don’t offer Thompson a full or near-max deal, would he think about leaving? If he gets a wandering eye, Walton and the Lakers could be in position to strike.

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