Steve Kerr reveals his plans for the Warriors this season

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr will have to make a few changes to break up the monotony of a long 82-game season and an impending long postseason run for these new-look Warriors. And while the addition of DeMarcus Cousins will surely bring an entire new level of a random element to their preparation, he plans to keep his starters’ workload the same.

Kerr plans to allocate similar minutes as last season to Klay Thompson (34.3), Kevin Durant (34.2), Draymond Green (32.7) and Stephen Curry (32), having learned from the woes of gassing up his starting core in the search for the NBA record mark in wins in 2016.

“Those numbers are good. We like those numbers,” Kerr, who played his starters in the high 30s during this recent postseason, told Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News. “Then in the playoffs, we’ll do whatever we have to do. But I like the idea of the young legs that we have at our disposal to give us energy on those nights when maybe our older guys aren’t feeling it. Our young guys should never be tired. They should take advantage of every opportunity and we should lean on them. So it’ll be fun to see what they got and give them a chance.”

This could prove a chance to give the likes of Jordan Bell, Kevon Looney, Damian Jones, Quinn Cook and rookie Jacob Evans a chance to garner a spot in the rotation. These veteran stars could use a rest and less of a toll after playing close to 100 games in every one of the last four seasons.

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