LOOK: Demarcus Cousins delivers another strong message to haters in his way

DeMarcus Cousins of the Golden State Warriors posted a picture of himself together with a caption probably aimed at his critics.

Check out the photo below of a noticeably thinner Cousins. Is the caption directed towards his haters?

Cousins’ move to the Warriors inevitably attracted some critics. For them, Cousins is taking the easy way out by joining a powerhouse team and to claim a championship. For analysts, a superstar of his caliber should be out leading his own team to a ring and not the other way around.


Jabs and punches were thrown at Cousins after his decision came out. But the 28-year-old center didn’t really care that much. Speaking on Showtime Sports, Cousins said explained the factors that went into his decision and how he didn’t care about the backlash that was about to come:

“Yeah, I could’ve probably gotten a decent contract from a bad team but how does that help me? I’m already fighting a career-ending injury. I’m not going to put myself in an already bad situation to try to prove my value or my worth as a player in a situation that’s not looking to win. I knew how it would be perceived from some. I don’t give a f–k. I’m saying it now because I’ve seen the reaction, but I didn’t give a f–k. I knew where my ace was and we made the call.”

Cousins, who’s nursing an Achilles injury, is set to join the Warriors line up some time December or January.

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