Steve Kerr finally addresses major question about Demarcus Cousins, Warriors

With big man DeMarcus Cousins now with the Golden State Warriors, can we expect head coach Steve Kerr to modify their playstyle?

Speaking with Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, Kerr said that he has no plans of changing the Warriors’ playstyle despite the addition of Cousins. Instead, they will add more schemes to their book to accommodate their new player:

“We’re not going to change our style of play. We’ll definitely add a few plays for DeMarcus (Cousins) down on the block. But for the most part, we’re not going to change who we are.”

The Warriors’ offense is tagged as the most sophisticated of its kind in the NBA today. Armed with premiere scorers and defenders, Kerr relies heavily on active movement without the ball, leading to misdirection and thus, open layups or jumpers.

Cousins, who signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal, is tagged as a traditional big man who can beat up his matchup through a combination of brute strength and coordinated handles.

He’s also a proven 3-point threat. Last season, he shot 35.4 percent from beyond the arc. Right now, Cousins is still recovering from an Achilles injury and is expected to join the Warriors’ line up sometime December or January.

Though Kerr wants the Warriors’ identity to remain the same and intact, he will tweak a few things in practice such as their routine drills and overall structure to keep things interesting.

“I do think in order to keep their interest, and to keep them fresh, we’ve got to change some aspects of our routine, and we’ll see what that means. Could mean altering or even getting rid of shootarounds, (or) only having shootarounds occasionally. Could mean changing the structure of practice, changing the amount of time we’re on the floor, maybe mixing up some different drills.”

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