Enes Kanter says Stephen Curry & the Warriors ‘ruined the league’

New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter is not one to keep his feelings to himself. This time around, the 26-year-old spoke bluntly about how he believes the Golden State Warriors destroyed the landscape of the league.

When asked by Royce Young of ESPN about his opinion on the Warriors, Kanter started off by making it abundantly clear that he has no issue with the franchise and their dealings.

“I’ve got no problem,” claimed Kanter. “They didn’t do anything illegal. You look back in the day with what happened with Chris Paul, the league didn’t let him go to the Lakers.”

However, Kanter did say that the effect the team has had on the league and its fanbase has become rather problematic.

“Now, I feel like they’ve kind of ruined the league a little bit because most people say, ‘Oh, Golden State is going to win anyway, so I’m not going to watch the games anymore,’” he added. “But the ratings are pretty good, though. Still, the fans are wondering what’s going on.”

Kanter does have a point here. The Warriors’ recent offseason addition of four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins did not do the team any favors in terms of fan support outside of their hometown. Many supporters believe that this season has become a foregone conclusion, and are hoping that next year, perhaps if the Dubs lose one or two pieces, will be more competitive.

Then again, as Kanter said, the Warriors did everything by the book. The rest of the league understands that there is no point crying about it, and instead focus their energies on preparing themselves as best as they can for the juggernaut that is Golden State.

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